General Terms of use

Last updated: 01 July 2015

1.1  General

Welcome to Woact ApS’ website about local leisure time and tourist activities. On Woact ApS’ website users and activity owners exchange information about activities, sites, services, products, etc.

In the terms below:

•    Woact ApS means Woact ApS, affiliates, executives and employees

•    Woact ApS is referred to as Woact

•    Woact ApS’ website is also referred to as “this website”

These terms at hand are called “General Terms or Use” and describes Woact’s general user terms for users that use this website.

By using this website in any way possible, you automatically accept the terms described here. Woact reserves the rights to continuously change the General Terms of Use, and it is your own responsibility to keep updated on these terms.

1.2  Liability disclaimer

1.2.1  Users, activity owners, interest organisations or anybody else that provide data, information, products and services on this website are independent actors and not agents or employees of Woact.

1.2.2  No data, information, products and services come with any endorsement or recommendation by Woact and Woact has no responsibility for any content generated on this website.

1.2.3  Woact does not guarantee the accuracy of the data, information, products and services (like, without limitations, titles, addresses, prices, sites, opening hours, descriptions, pictures, reviews, ratings, etc.) on this website. It is your own responsibility to verify the content directly with the individual activity.

1.2.4  Woact does not guarantee that the software on this website (like programs, downloads, videos, infrastructure, emails, etc. without limitations) are free of viruses or other harmful components.

1.2.5  The use of this website is on the user’s own risk and Woact disclaims all warranty and liabilities of software, data, information, products and services displayed on this website.

1.2.6  Woact disclaim all warranties and liabilities for any acts, errors, omissions, misrepresentations related to your use of information, products and services obtained from this website. This also includes without any limitations direct and indirect loses (expenses, damage, death, delay, cancellation, natural disasters, etc.).

1.2.7  If Woact, in any way, should be found liable for loss or damages connected to your use of information, products and services on this website, Woact’s liabilities can in no event exceed the total transaction fees paid to Woact for the specific transaction(s) in question.

1.2.8  The limitations described above will continue to apply if the terms has a loophole and thereby fails of its essential purpose.

1.3  Woact’s rights

1.3.1  All content on this website (such as text, pictures, structure, reviews, data, etc.), as well as the software and infrastructure (such as system, code, database, design, layout, etc.) is Woact property.

1.3.2  When using this website for private purpose and for agreed business cooperation purpose, you are allowed to distribute the content. However, you are otherwise not allowed to copy and distribute any content, system and infrastructure from this website for commercial purpose without prior written approval from Woact.

1.3.3  You are welcome to use Woact’s logo and name for PR and journalistic purpose and if you cooperate in a positive manner with Woact, like though linking to Woact’s website. You are otherwise not allowed to copy Woact’s name, logos, structure, look and feel, slogans, design, layout and the alike without a prior written agreement with Woact.

1.3.4  If you think that the content on this website violates yours of others property or rights or give false information please contact us through the contact form on this website. We will as soon as possible review your enquiry and process it within reasonable time.

1.3.5  Woact reserves the rights to, at any time, modify and delete any content on this website, and Woact disclaim all responsibility and liability in this connection.

1.4  Links to third-party sites

1.4.1  When this website links or refer to external and third-party websites this is only provided as a service to the users and does not come with any endorsements or recommendations from Woact. Woact are no way responsible for these websites’ content, software and policies.

1.4.2  There is a possibility that you may be required by an external website or another third-party website to link your Woact profile to their website (e.g. for easy login purpose). If you choose to do so, it is purely optional and the decision to allow this is yours alone. This can also be disabled (though the third-party website) at any time.

1.5  Jurisdiction and governing law

1.5.1  This website is operated by a Danish company and governed under the laws of Denmark. By using this website you automatically accept that any claim or dispute arising from your use of this website must be resolved in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1.5.2  It is not allowed to use this website from a jurisdiction that does not accept and give effect to all terms set forth in these terms. Further, if you access this website from outside Denmark, you are responsible for compliance with local laws.