Privacy Policy Terms

Last updated: 1 November 2016

1.1  General

Welcome to Woact ApS’ website about local leisure time and tourist activities. On Woact ApS’ website users and activity owners exchange information about activities, sites, services, products, etc.

In the terms below:

•    Woact ApS means Woact ApS, affiliates, executives and employees

•    Woact ApS is referred to as Woact

•    Woact ApS’ website is also referred to as “this website”

These terms at hand are called “Privacy Policy Terms” and describes Woact’s privacy policy terms for the usage of this website.

By using this website in any way possible, you automatically accept the Privacy Policy Terms described here. Woact reserves the rights to continuously change the Privacy Policy Terms, and it is your own responsibility to keep updated on the policy.

1.2  Collection of information

1.2.1 Through this website, emails, service providers and partners, we collect information about you to be able to serve you in the best possible way; improve our services and offerings; quantify demographic details about our users; etc.

1.2.2  When you visit this website, the web server will recognise and collect your IP address, which will enable Woact to analyse usage, traffic and searches you made on this website.

1.2.3  Woact collects Personal Information that identifies you (e.g. name and email address) and Other Information” that is more general and does not identify your person (e.g. gender, country of residence and other demographic information).

1.2.4  If you wish to register on the Woact website or sign up for newsletters, it is required for you to disclose Personal Information as well as Other Information. Not providing this information mean that you cannot be registered on the website and therefore not use the part of Woact’s services that requires registration.

1.2.5  If you choose to connect to this website using a specific social media, such as Facebook, information that has been made available in your specific social media’s privacy settings may also be collected. This information, but not limited to, can e.g. be username, email address, profile picture and friend list.

1.2.6  You can contribute to the content on this website in a number of different ways, including writing and reviewing, uploading photos, etc. When adding content some of your Personal Information will be displayed for other users, such as username. Any content-contribution may be stored and displayed to other users, and/or used for promotional purposes.

1.2.7  We seek to protect the website for unauthorised access (like from hacking) thereby protecting your Personal Information. However, if, in the unlikely event, someone manage to get unauthorised access and steal data, Woact cannot be held responsible for events arising from unauthorized access to your Personal Information.

1.3  Cookies

1.3.1 We use web cookies to store your preferences, record session information, collect information on the way in which you visit and access our websites, with the aim of targeting your needs when browsing this website and its features, offerings and advertisements.

1.3.2 Woact allows third-party advertisement vendors, like Google, and their partners to use cookies from Woact’s and other websites, with the purpose of present personalised ads for you on Woact’s website.

1.3.3 Web browsers usually allow you the option of turning off cookies. We recommend that you do not do this, as it will limit your use of this website’s functionality. More specifically, you can stop receiving personalised advertising by visiting these sites: and

1.4  Disclosure of Personal Information

1.4.1  If you register your Woact account through social medias and services, like Facebook, you are sharing information from the social media with Woact. Woact may display reviews, photos and tours that you and your friends have posted, shared, saved or purchased on Woact, on social medias and the Woact website. Further, if you link your Woact account (register your Woact account through social medias) to a specific social media through this website and you have friends on the specific social media that are using Woact’s website, they may share information about you with us through the specific social media. If you wish to stop or change your policies about this kind of sharing, please review your Facebook or other specific social media’s and service’s privacy settings.

1.4.2  Your Personal Information may also be given to third-parties who are delivering marketing and data analysis for Woact. These third-parties are obligated to treat the information confidentially and will be instructed not to share this Personal Information with further third-parties.

1.4.3  We may disclose Personal Information:

•    if applicable law requires it and when responding to public or government authorities, including laws outside your country of residence and when complying with legal processes.

•    to enforce our terms and conditions and to protect Woact’s, our partners and your rights privacy, safety or property.

1.4.4  Other Information may be disclosed for any purpose and at any time.

1.5  Emails from Woact

1.5.1  You may receive marketing emails or newsletters from Woact. If you no longer wish to receive this form of communications from Woact, you can unsubscribe using the link included at the bottom of each marketing email.

1.6  Jurisdiction and governing law

1.6.1  This website is operated by a Danish company and governed under the laws of Denmark. By using this website you automatically accept that any claim or dispute arising from your use of this website must be resolved in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1.6.1  It is not allowed to use this website from a jurisdiction that does not accept and give effect to all terms set forth in these terms. Further, if you access this website from outside Denmark, you are responsible for compliance with local laws.