The 5 best swimming baths in Copenhagen: Looking for a good swimming bath?

  •  11.01.2018
  •  Woact

Is there any better for adults and children than a trip to a great public swimming bath? Water activities and fun experiences are in focus in the local swimming baths in Copenhagen. Woact guides to top 5 of the best.

The 5 best swimming baths in Copenhagen: Looking for a good swimming bath?

Top 5 swimming baths in Copenhagen

Pack the swimwear and head out to one of the public swimming baths in Copenhagen. Woact guides to the best places, which offers plenty of great activities with entertainment for several hours. Our guide includes both swimming pools with space for the whole family and swimming baths with wellness for those who want more relaxing and tranquil surroundings.

In the family-friendly swimming baths, you will find tropical surroundings, roller coaster, shallow water pools for dabbling, water stream canals and play areas. There is fun for the whole family, and there is high quality good changing room, puzzling and eating areas.

If you need tranquil surroundings with relaxing water activities, then go for the swimming baths with wellness areas! Here you spoil yourself in a lovely setting with a sauna, steam room and feet therapy baths.

Top 5 public swimming baths in Copenhagen:

1.    Valby Vandkulturhus - Water fun for the whole family

2.    Water og Wellness Flintholm – Family play-day and wellness for hedonists

3.    Bellahøj Swimming Stadium - For both indoor and outdoor swimmers

4.    Øbro-Hallen – Focus on well-being and aesthetics

5.    Glostrup Swimming Pool - Children-friendly with plenty of space

Whether you bring children to the swimming bath, you are alone, or you are out with friends; whether you are after a fun trip with activities or want relaxation, the swimming baths offer the whole palette. We guarantee that you will have a good experience.

More inspiration!

If you are more interested in swimming experiences beyond the public swimming baths, there are a lot of outdoor nature swimming sites in Copenhagen. For summer and winter bathers, Copenhagen is full of places where you can jump into lakes or the ocean. Read about possibilities for outdoor bathing here...

If you also want inspiration for other types of wellness activities, read about wellness activities here ...

We wish you some great moments at the swimming baths.

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