Playgrounds in Copenhagen for balance bikes: 5 cool playgrounds for kid bikes in Copenhagen

  •  11.01.2018
  •  Woact

If you are taking your kids out for fun on their bikes, then find a playground where there is plenty of room for kids on bikes. Do you also want to combine biking with your kids crawling a climbing frame or having fun in a swing? Woact guides to 5 fun, combined biking lanes and playgrounds in Copenhagen.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen for balance bikes: 5 cool playgrounds for kid bikes in Copenhagen

Traffic Playground in Faelledparken in Copenhagen

"Red man standing, green man walking". At The Traffic Playgound in Fælledparken, your kid can practice driving a bike in the traffic. It is one of the absolute best playground in Copenhagen for balance and normal bikes. Here they can drive around on the small roads, with pedestrian crossings, bus stops and traffic lights. Next to the playground is a small fenced playground with swings, roller coaster and sandbox.
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Christianshavns Vold Playground

Children with bikes in Copenhagen will love this beautiful playground where they also can use their bikes. With a great view over the old embankments, this is a beautiful place for them to blown of a lot of stream. The playground area is quite large, making it ideal for the kids to run around on their bikes. Should they need a break from biking, there are plenty of other things to do. Maybe they are in a mood for a walk in the hamster wheel or a walk on the ship?
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Playgrounds in Copenhagen for balance bikes: 5 cool playgrounds for kid bikes in Copenhagen

Østre Anlæg Playgrounds

Østre Anlæg on Østerbro in Copenhagen has a large playground, the right element for kids biking. In this large open area, there is plenty of room for making zig-zag and other tricks on the bike. If you and the kids want to play ball, there is a ball cage. Otherwise, the playground has climbing frames, roller coaster, hammocks and trampolines. You can also go for a walk in Østre Anlæg along the adorable lake, and visit the park's many little hooks and trails.
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The Playground in Skydebanehaven

Playground in Skydebanehaven in Vesterbro in Copenhagen invites for sharp turns and cool tricks for kids on bikes all year round. Here you will quickly become relaxed – being at a distance from the noisy city behind the walls of the playground. The playground has a large area with small hills that kids can drive on. The cable car, carousel, roller coaster and sandbox are just one of the many things you can do in at playground besides biking.
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Valbyparkens Playground

Copenhagen’s largest natural playground is located in Valby and is the optimal place for kids to go crazy on their bikes. It is one of the best playgrounds in Copenhagen for balance bikes. The Natural Part of Valby is connected by a "floating" walkway on which it is great fun to bike on. If the kids need a break from the intense racing, the park offers the possibility of having a good and long trip in the park's other green theme areas.
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We wish the kids a lot of fun on their bikes.


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