Cut down your own Christmas tree: The ultimate fun Christmas experience

  •  07.12.2017
  •  Woact

This season’s Christmas trees are now ready for you in the countryside, and they cannot wait to get into your living room to be decorated. This year, several plantations have prepared a lot of Christmas activities in connection with you cutting down your own Christmas tree together with your friends and family. Woact guides to four places near Copenhagen, where tree cutting and Christmas fun goes hand in hand.

Cut down your own Christmas tree: The ultimate fun Christmas experience


At the cosy farm Dyssegård in Roskilde, the saws stand ready for guests in December to bring home their own Christmas tree from the forest. In the farm shop, the shelves are packed with quality meat and Christmas goodies. The trails Nissestien and Halmhuen, invites the children for Christmas fun and the horse carriage driving gives you fresh air on the way out to the Christmas trees. After having used the saws, Vaffelhuset and Burgerhytten have been heated for you so you can enjoy a variety of Christmas food indoor.
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Hørup Christmas trees

In North Zealand, Hørup Christmas trees has looked after and nursed their little plantation with Christmas trees for years. Each tree has grown and been taken care of without any pesticides or fertilisers. In December, the Christmas room at Hørup smells of glögg and doughnuts, which will do you very good after having cut down your own tree. The gift shop provides you the host gift or decoration for the Christmas tree.

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Ryegaard and Trudsholm

At the historic place Ryegaard and Trodsholm in Kirke Såby, the doors open in December with a true Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas market in Kørestalden has homemade Christmas decorations, jewellery, ceramics and much more for sale. With the horse carriage, you drive out into the woods where the most beautiful Christmas trees are ready to be chopped down by you. Afterward Brandsprøjtehuset is ready to serve you hot chocolate, glögg and doughnuts.
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In North Zealand, the family business of Aaregård is full of activity in the month of December. Great Christmas mood is the first you meet at Aaregård, and next is a walk around the decorated and cosy farm. The Christmas room sells Christmas gnomes, knitwear and other Christmas presents. After the Christmas tree has been brought in from the forest, you can enjoy a cub of glögg.
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