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Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum Denmark
Roskilde, Denmark
You can see land on the horizon. You take the sword in your hand, take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the battle. The waves break and your roar overwhelms the cry of the seagulls. A real Viking is not afraid...   

The Viking Ship Museum is an exciting museum in Roskilde and it will take you back to the Viking era. You will be able to see the work of the craftsmen on the boatyard as they perform reconstructions of various prehistoric boats. In the Viking Ship Hall, you can come close to the world-renowned Skuldelev ships, which provide insights into the Viking’s trade, raids and, not least, wars.   

The Viking Ship Museum organises activities and theme weeks for children in school holidays. Here you can try to build your own boat, play Viking games, dress up like a Viking and much, much more. Finally, you can get wind in your hair if you book a boat trip in a reconstructed Viking ship that takes you on a small trip.   

A real Viking will be hungry after a hard day's work, so fortunately you can enjoy the New Nordic Viking Food at the café Knarr, located on the Museum Island. They offer a menu in Viking style and find inspiration from the raw materials available during at the time of the Vikings. If you want to eat the food you brought yourself, you are welcome to sit in the foyer of the museum.   

This is a very interesting and exciting museum in Roskilde, and it will undoubtedly give you an experience you will never forget.
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