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Esrum Monastery

Esrum Monastery Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Esrum Kloster (Esrum Convent) in Northern Sealand, Denmark, is today, an exciting sight, that in the old days was a gathering place for the Danish royal dynasty. Esrum Kloster's role was to spread Christianity throne and nurture connections to the international network.   

Today Esrum Kloster welcomes visitors, to a journey back to the middle age. Esrum Kloster arranges different activities, all about the middle age. How was life at the convent school? What weapon did a real knight fight with? Is it difficult to embroil like a fair maiden? What skills were the most important in the middle age? Try, discover, and play through the fund and entertaining activities at Esrum Kloster.  

If visitors are more in favour of calm activities, visitors can go for a walk in the idyllic and historical Convent Garden. The garden tells the tales of the plants healing powers and why it was important for the convent to be self-sufficient. At the Convent Exhibition, visitors will be introduced to Esrum Kloster's history and life at the convent.   

When it is time for a bite to eat, visitors can find a place at Møllecaféen, where the menu is influenced by food traditions from the middle age and herbs from the Convent Garden. When it is time to stretch your legs again, the nature playground is just around the corner and welcomes everyone to unfold with physical activities.   

Esrum Kloster is ready to welcome everyone for a fun day with many experiences. 
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