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ARoS Denmark
Arhus, Denmark
ARoS is an art museum in Aarhus. The museum is a fantastic place. When visitors first take a glance at the red brick, cube building it does not look like much. But as soon as admirers look up, it becomes clear that a remarkable rainbow is placed on the top of the building.   

When entering ARoS, visitors can easily become overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture. Every year the museum has four large exhibitions, in all kinds of styles from classical art to modern present-day art, all internationally orientated. Furthermore, there are other minor exhibitions during the year.   

In the basement of the museum, visitors will find The 9 Rooms. The rooms are organised for modern installation art and create a space for a new and different meeting with today's art. On the top of the building of ARoS, is Olafur Eliasson's Your Rainbow Panorama, which has turned ARoS into a world-famous art museum.   

From the rainbow, visitors can see the city from new heights, discover hidden details and experience the city of Aarhus from a new and different perspective – all in the many colours of the rainbow.
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